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Automotive & Trucking Defense/Transportation Defense

The transportation liability attorneys at Moran Kidd Lyons Johnson Garcia, P.A. investigation and defend all types of automobile and transportation liability claims, from minor to catastrophic, and deliver exceptional and aggressive legal defense every time. Our attorneys provide statewide representation for insurance carriers, governmental agencies, commercial and industrial industries, and insureds. Our attorneys work with accident reconstruction experts, investigators, medical experts, and liability consultants to maximize the efficiency and effectiveness of their representation. The transportation liability attorneys immediately work to determine the necessary information and evidence to be preserved, to ensure the best results of every case; whether that is through dismissal, settlement or trial.

The transportation liability attorneys offer our clients representation and legal advice, from immediately after an accident until the end of a claim. Our attorneys have found that by providing legal assistance with pre-suit investigation and pre-suit resolution strategies, the expenses of litigation can at times be avoided.  However, if pre-suit resolution is not possible our transportation liability attorneys are fully prepared to aggressively defend the interests of our clients through all stages of litigation.

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