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General Liability Defense

Moran Kidd’s general liability defense practice focuses on the efficient, effective and aggressive representation of all types of liability claims. We defend insureds, insurance companies, non-insured, and self-insureds. General Liability is an expansive practice area that includes many diverse areas across multiple platforms and venues. The Moran Kidd general liability attorneys have extensive experience in all aspects of this area of Florida law, including claims involving slip/trip and fall accidents, defective conditions, negligent security, negligent hiring, retention, supervision and entrustment, wrongful death, physical attacks and assaults, dog/animal bite defense, improper maintenance, dangerous/hazardous conditions, inadequate lighting, and various areas of automotive and trucking transportation defense. Our general liability attorneys provide statewide representation for a multitude of businesses and industries including, insurance companies, utility companies, state and governmental entities, trucking and commercial operation companies, hotels, retail businesses, shopping malls, theme parks, restaurants and bars, housing, supermarkets, sports/entertainment complexes and schools.

The general liability attorneys are dedicated to providing personalized and comprehensive legal advice and representation to every client. We strive to provide an initial liability evaluation of every case, a strategic plan of action on the onset of every claim, and an accurate estimate of legal expenses. Our focus is communication, and we continuously keep our clients apprised of any new developments; and are accessible and responsive. If the claim can be leveraged and a favorable settlement reached, then our attorneys pursue that goal.  However, if a beneficial resolution cannot be reached our team of general liability lawyers are prepared to aggressively defend the interests of their clients through all stages of litigation. Our results speak for themselves.

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